Our team is proficient in handling software tools like Advent, QuarkXPress, Frame Maker, Adobe InDesign, LaTex etc.

Our programmers and coding team have extensive expertise in Java, Apple and VBS scripting. As part of our composition services, we offer manuscript typesetting, data conversion, technical editing, copyediting, design and production of graphics and artwork, electronic content delivery, Chemdraw and Math Type usage Typesetting from.


  • Style sheet creation.
  • Template Creation.
  • Style sheet library management.
  • XML creation.
  • XML editing.
  • Page Layout.
  • Graphic origination and editing.
  • Book and ancillary production.
  • Data capture and conversion.
  • Editing services including technical editing, copy editing, and substantive editing.
  • Design and graphics services, including scanning, file conversion, redrawing and relabeling of artwork.
  • MathType and ChemDraw file handling.
  • Electronic content delivery.
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