Digital Publishing Services

Virtue also undertakes scanning and digital conversion of print books.We can also assist in delivery of e-books through our online platforms. Our team is also well trained at liaison with authors and production houses. Mobile content solutions for handheld/mobile devices and iOS such as Apple iPad/iPhone, Nook, Amazon-Kindle, Sony, Next book, eBookman, Android based smart phones, Palm, Mobipocket PDA, Droid etc.

Digital publishing, also known as electronic publishing or e-publishing, is any type of publishing that involves disseminating information or entertainment by digital means.

  • That's a pretty broad definition and isn't necessarily limited to the Web.
  • Features offered: Dropdown menus, persistent headers, embedded abstracts, tables, images, linked references, cross-references, index creations etc.
  • Texts in tables, flowcharts, diagrams, figures etc., are re-flowed for clarity visualization.
  • In-house customized automated plug-ins is used for some of the conversion process.
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