Editorial Services

Our highly experienced editors are well versed with different styles and standardized conventions. They are flexible and can easily accommodate variations and customized client requirements. We give importance to ensuring all elements like alignments of figures, tables and pictures are appropriately laid out. Our editors are trained to holistically evaluate a document.

They are very meticulous and review documents based on its intended use, target audience, use of jargon and structure of sentences, grammar, logical sequence and development of ideas.

Our editors can edit across variety of subjects including academic material, scientific texts, commerce and accounting, marketing and management books, humanities, mathematics, science, healthcare and allied fields.

Virtue has a large team of editors who are well versed with copy editing, technical editing, and substantive editing.

Virtue editors are proficient in a variety of widely accepted style standards and adhere on to the client-specific or author-specific style guidelines.

Virtue editors prepare a style sheet for every project they handle, and the style sheet is approved by the client’s editor before implementation.

Copy Editing

Virtue copy editors are well trained in both language editing and technical editing required by the publisher, based on the requirement of publishers of journals and books.

Virtue "Five Cs" summarize the copy editing job: make the copy

(i) clear,

(ii) correct,

(iii) concise,

(iv)comprehensible, and

(v) consistent; that is: make it say what it means, and mean what it says.

Virtue copy editors involves in correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, mathematics, terminology and jargon, timelines, and semantics; ensuring that the typescript adheres to the publisher's house style; and adding headlines and standardized headers, footers, etc.

Virtue copy editors rigorously follow a publisher’s house style sheet or alternatively, create their own style sheet and apply copy editing best practice and good judgment to achieve stylistic consistency and accuracy throughout a publication.

Our Standard Copy Editing Functions Include Corrections For:

  • Spelling, including British to American English.
  • Grammar, including rephrasing sentences by non English-speaking authors.
  • References and footnotes, for technical accuracy and placement of citations.
  • Captioning to match figures and tables, and type-marking for mathematics.
  • Consistency, to ensure that author usage and all elements of a manuscript are properly presented.

Technical Editing

Virtue editors ensure consistency in all style aspects and usage of terms. The editors also interface with authors and publishers for any clarifications.

The Editors Pay Special Attention To:

  • All typesetting issues.
  • Table layouts.
  • Aligning equations.
  • Complex lists.
  • Floats such as figures, boxes, and schemes.

Substantive Editing

Virtue editors are trained to look into the document’s concept, intended use, audience, and content, organization of the content, design, and style. This activity is entirely analysis based for all levels – document, paragraph, sentence, or word.

Some of the parameters taken into account are:

  • Sentence complexity.
  • Conciseness.
  • Clear and logical development of ideas.
  • Use of jargon or technical terms appropriate for the intended audience.
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