Our project management

We, Virtue IT Services, bring our industry knowledge and best practices to each project while building on our own work experience. Wepossess excellent potential from Copy editing to Conversion with complete trending technology and delivery solutions that ensures Quality, Productivity, Efficiency, Integrity& Security.

We have devised front-end XML workflow system for simultaneous delivery to print, web and electronic media. We can also customize the workflow to manage deliverable at various stages of the publishing cycle.

Our experienced professionals manage projects and coordinate all activities with authors and in-house production editors by email communication as required for the timely execution of the projects. Our technology support and operations group apply their extensive experience and knowledge for the development of appropriate tools, technologies and production processes for each client.

Our project management services include:​

  • Planning, designing, cast-off, coordinating and managing the entire project starting from receipt of materials from the client to final delivery of the product.
  • Coordinating with authors, editors, publishers and production staff.
  • Handling queries and securing timely solutions.
  • Tracking of manuscripts, copy editing, copyright, artwork, typesetting, proofreading, collation, indexing and delivery of final proof through the entire phase of production to meet the client requirements within the committed time frame.
  • Our professionals communicate regularly with our clients to ensure that each project moves smoothly through all stages of manuscript checking, copyediting, composition and author interaction in an efficient and effective manner.

Peer review

There are two levels of support service provided – Export only and Full service.

In the export only titles the support service is provided for the accepted submissions. A minimal screening on the accepted submissions is carried out to ensure that all the information/files required for production are present in the accepted submissions. Responsible for transferring the accepted submissions to production.

In the full service titles all new and revised submissions are screened for completeness and are ready for peer review before being assigned to an Editor. Careful screening for completeness at this stage ensures that the manuscript can move smoothly through the peer review process without problems and thus saving additional and unnecessary work for the customers (Authors, Editors, and Reviewers) at a later stage. The assigning the submissions to the appropriate Editors are also part of this task.

Further, support to the Editors-in-Chief, authors and reviewers, who are experts in the given field and help them with the online system for every journal. Constant support is provided to users of online system and serves as an internal resource for the Production and Editorial departments. In a nutshell, the JEO serves as the helpdesk for all online system users and is invariably the front face of any publisher.

Role of Editorial Office Assistant​

  • Online monitoring of manuscripts from the time of submission to acceptance/rejection.
  • Checking the manuscripts for consistency (ensuring that the manuscript is viewable, whether they conform to the specific instructions for the authors available in every journal’s website, etc.) and assigning manuscripts to editors as per the protocol discussed and agreed with the editors. (Journal specific).
  • Assisting editors in sending the manuscript for peer review which includes selecting, registering and inviting reviewers and making decisions.
  • Communicating with reviewers, to help them with their review assignments. Guiding and reminding them through the
  • Editorial Manager processes and assisting in uploading their review reports.
  • Reminding authors about their revisions and supporting them to navigate through EM to upload their submissions.
  • Keeping in constant touch with the editors about their assignments and reminding about the backlogs and working in close coordination to keep the journal running smoothly and as fast as possible.
  • Setting the final disposition accordingly and checking to ensure that there are no discrepancies.
  • Being the primary contact person for the journal, an editorial office person is liable to answer all queries related to the journal. Authors, reviewers and editors always write requesting help and clarifications.
  • Checking the feasibility and providing the best possible solution for the journal and the editor in accessing the online systems.
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