XML Services

Virtue understands which technologies best match the challenges involved in managing complex digital content within sophisticated XML workflows. Our production staff has deep experience working with a wide range of standard applications including LaTeX, QuarkXPress, In Design, and Frame Maker, and in integrating these within end-to-end XML based production processes.

Virtue Prepares The Following:

  • DTDs for customer workflows.
  • Delivery of XML at page proofs, revisions, issues, or at any other stage.
  • Generation of XML files based on publisher’s DTD.
  • Conversion from one DTD to another.
  • Typesetting from XML files including auto-pagination in InDesign.
  • Providing solutions in other formats such as HTML and ASCII.
  • Extract texts from PDF using by Abby fine reader version 6.0.
  • Extract graphics from PDF using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Coding the texts and graphics as per DTD instruction given by client.
  • Performing DTD edits.
  • Browser view checking as per XSL.
  • XML structuring, styling, parsing and validating online content checks, etc.
  • Parse the output files using XML Spy 3.5.
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